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Hatapon is the flag bearer of the Patapons, whose duties are to accompany and boost the morale of his fellow soldiers, as well as safekeeping the Pata Drum, which will only be given to the Almighty. While Hatapon lacks both combat and defensive abilities, thus leaving him open to enemy attacks, he is still essential to the Patapon army as he relays the drum beats of the player for units to listen and execute commands from.

Missions are doomed to fail if Hatapon or the rest of the Patapon army dies, and you will have to restart your mission.

In the official Patapon trilogy, it is stated that Hatapon is the backbone of your army, and for that reason the player must ensure he stays alive for the entirety of a mission.

His name is a combination of "Hata", the Japanese word for "Flag", and his tribe's suffix "-pon".


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