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Rarepons are different, unique versions of units, which can be unlocked and upgraded at Mater, the tree of life. Each Rarepon has unique strengths and weaknesses and upgrading one will enhance it's abilities. To upgrade a Rarepon, you need to spend materials and Ka - Ching at Mater, and the cost of upgrading a Rarepon increases as you keep upgrading them. The Rarepon will evolve at level 5 and 10, granting them an increase in their stats and a new appearance.

Rarepon Evolution Map.png

The Rarepon Evolution Map. You must acquire all the Rarepons connected to your desired Rarepon and at the appropriate level to unlock the Rarepon.


This is one of the first Rarepons to unlock in the game. They have increased movement speed, and moderate frost resistance, but they are vulnerable to flame damage.

To unlock Pyopyo, you must reach level 3 with the normal Patapon.


Buhyokko is one of the first Rarepons you may encounter. He has increased stagger, along with increased health and knockback immunity. However, he has very slow movement speed.

To unlock Buhyokko, you must reach level 3 with the normal Patapon


Nyontama is a Rarepon who can resist fire and lightning damage, gaining immunity to fire at level 10. However, he is very vulnerable to stagger.

To unlock Nyontama, you need to reach level 3 with Pyopyo.


This Rarepon has excellent attack speeds, especially when reaching level 5 and 10 where his attacks become rapid. His critical rate is higher, but he can be frozen very easily.

To unlock Fumya, you need to reach level 3 with Pyopyo.


Menyokki has large amounts of HP, and has decent knockback and stagger rates. However, he can be set on fire easily, which becomes very noticeable when he reaches higher levels.

To unlock Menyokki, you need to reach level 5 with Pyopyo and Buhyokko.


They can deal increased amounts of damage, along with an increase to stagger rates, making them handy in boss battles, but they can be put to sleep very easily.

To unlock Wanda, you need to reach level 3 with Buhyokko.


This Rarepon has slightly increased critical rates, and also the fastest attack speeds in the game, becoming very noticeable when he reaches level 5 and beyond.

To unlock Chiku, you need to reach level 4 with Nyontama


There are 2 more Rarepons but there's not a guaranteed chance they will be added

Artwork unknown rn.